One thing you have to know about me is, I skip the small talk. I want to know about YOU and what got you to this point in your life. I’m big on being intentional in all relationships and interactions and this one is no different! Nothing sets my soul on fire more than capturing your love, laughs and candid moments while also getting to listen to you dream big on how you’re going to raise your babies and all the things you want to see and accomplish before y’all grow old together! Ah, what a dream!!!

When I’m not hanging out with cool couples you can usually find me doing anything and everything outside. Editing? Outside. Eating lunch? Outside. Talking on the phone? Outside. I live for the sun and being outdoors. If you love to hike, camp, hunt, or fish, we’ll be best friends!

I'm Bre!

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fishing, & shooting

Born and raised in Arizona with a deep appreciation for God's creation, the outdoors! 

I'm currently working full time in the hunting and firearm industry as a photographer and videographer! I couldn't decide between weddings or hunting so I chose both!   

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