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Some of the best locations aren’t the ones you find in hashtags or blog posts. For Mary and Danny’s sessions I wanted to find a spot that wasn’t popular and one that had a little different scenery than your typical AZ session. So I hopped on google maps and onX and stumbled upon this spot!

All I could find on the location was one photographers photos and a YouTube video of a guy driving up there showing the incredible view 👀 It was a bit of a drive but thankfully these two they were down for it!

It was insanely windy and cold at the top but with just the right angles and positions we were able to fake the funk and act like it was cool and calm lol

Can’t wait to share more but until then, I challenge you to step a little out of our comfort zone and find a new spot to shoot! You might be surprised at what you find, I know I was! ☺️✨

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